First blog post

I explored a new & fun way to make Sunny Side UP egg !

An idea hit my head

It’s Tuesday morning here and me and my family are confused and bored of eating same  boring sunny side up egg and typical breakfast cereals. I asked my mom what should we eat and shez like “idk make something different” and I’m like idk I’m bored of eating same thing all the time specially when my mom makes her common ‘butter bread’ basically that’s bread slice with salted butter which is just so tasty I cant resist. But uk even u eat extreme delicious food again & again you eventually get bored like bored of watching same TV series  episode everyday!? is’nt it?

Okay, I walked to the fridge hoping to find some idea to make breakfast. …and I opened the fridge.. and waved a fake smile to the eggs 😀

look at those poker faced and annoyed face eggs just like my face when I’m bored and annoyed lol.

what to do next?

I like to spend my spare time on social media like Facebook and Instagram. they are just bae her FB profile where i found the picture and idea. I figured out how she made it by analyzing the picture she uploaded and i gave it a try for the 1st time today. So I’ll be sharing u my try recipe today.

Introducing the Sausage ring Sunny Side up Egg.

my first try recipe…begins!

take 2 sausages and slice them half way through so that they don’t break yet foldable.

to make a ring, i used toothpicks to join 2 sliced sausages together.

now place it carefully in the frying pan with little oil to cook for some time until almost cooked.

normally i make sunny side up like this by covering with the lid on the frying pan and adding little bit of water to cook the egg properly with the help of the steam. I was expecting it to work but idk what happened heheh :p.

so in that case, keeping in mind the yolk getting burst out, still I flipped the egg to cook the top part as well and by miracle, the yolk didn’t burst!!! yeaaah 😀

meantime my brother was waiting for me to make him breakfast, i was  nicely taking pictures before serving as well as while cooking just for the blog  and for u guys to share my experience which unexpectedly worked out.

i covered it after adding little water because the egg was not cooking from the top

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Eggs in my fridge are happy again

i hope this would help u guys to enjoy breakfasts like me 🙂

if u try do let me know below in the comments. I’ll be glad to know your experience as well.

xoxo. that’s all folks!

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