New place to visit in Dubai: Water Canal

A blessing to the eyes: Dubai Water Canal

let’s start with the generic information about it.


Dubai Water Canal is an artificial canal launched on 9 November 2016. It comprises one shopping centre, four hotels, 450 restaurants, luxury housing, walkways and cycle paths. It is a three-kilometre long project starting from Business Bay into the Persian Gulf through Safa Park and Jumeirah. The width ranges from 80 meters to 120 meters. It creates new public places and facilities with a total area private marinas for boats and a trade centre at the entrance of the canal. read more about it  here

my experience

I got to know about the beautiful place in Dubai where mostly all of my friends were visiting and enjoying themselves with family and as i saw their snaps on Snapchat. I have this urge to visit and explore new places and I coudn’t resist myself from not going.

I was finally able to go in my winter breaks  on the Christmas Day due to the mock exams ah! what a relieve 🙂 I went in the evening around 6’O clock and was amazed to just see the lighting near the canal. “wow!” “beautiful!” all exciting words were all I said. The next thing I did was to grab out my Iphone and start capturing the aesthetics of Dubai Water Canal. Here is the first photo I clicked as it was the first thing I admired.


The moment when I was taking these photos, the water fall did not start yet so me and my family were walking on the path which also gave us chills and refreshing environment as the cold breeze brushed our face.

The water fall started at around 6:45 pm under the bridge where I found many visitors waiting for it excitedly.

boats passing through the water canal


you can also ride on the boats for more enjoyment but i didn’t go as my mom feels sick on boats.

It is near Burj Khalifa and other famous buildings and hotels. photo credits: my mom

Finally after I clicked pretty pictures, I climbed up to the bridge to see the whole view of the astonishing place.Anyone can go up there as there was also lift available for those who do not wish to climb the long staircase, so I opt for climbing the stairs as a fit person 😛

the view from the top of bridge

It was really a detox to my mind and all my stress was relived *pheww*

If u haven’t still visited the place, that means u gotta stay updated to my blog mate 😛 and do give it a follow ! 

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