Learn Japanese Sentences Making for beginners.

 Learn Japanese lesson 1

How to make sentences?

To be able to talk and write Japanese, you need to first know the structure of Japanese sentences. Without the proper structure, you cannot perfect your language for instance, the DNA structure of your body tissues has to be in proper structure so that you have a perfect healthy organ. So the structure of Japanese sentence is as follows:


 Subject  Object  Verb

田中さん  は りんご  を 食べる。

 Romaji: Tanaka-san wa ringo o thaberu

If you compare this same sentence to English sentence structure it is as follows:


Subject      Verb        Object

Tanaka-san     eats     an apple.

You must be wondering why there are extra letters( は & を) in between Japanese sentence structure. Well, they are known as connective letters to join a sentence together. I’ll be posting another blog on connective letters to explain this in detail while I’ll be sharing some bits over here.

The “は”in the above sentence is basically pronounced as “wa” although it is written in Hiragana as “ha” but in this case to join the sentence you have to pronounce it as “wa” used after the subject.  To add more, the “を” is basically pronounced as “O” in the above sentence used after the object. This is not simple to recognize these in   a paragraph but when you start making more and more sentences of your own and also keep reading Japanese paragraphs like recipes, short stories, etc. in Japanese you will get used to it and hopefully, learn how to make sentences properly.いっしょに がんばりましょう! :)

Now that you know the structure, you may try making sentences of your own and make a comment below & I’ll be reading them through. 



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