Specific – Daily post

2017年 1月 7日 土曜日

This is my first time participating in the daily post and as I like to try new things and participate, so I thought of participating in it. So specific huh? I thought of remembering a funny meme while scrollin’ on my Instagram news feed.

It totally is relatable to all the school or college students, like me and also applied to people at work.Because we cannot be specific at some points in life whether explaining a thing which you cannot directly explain so instead you say something stupid it happens right?
The meme I glanced was like “troll” like it didn’t mean much but it was kinda unique thing to read like specific and pacific..? didn’t get it ? then see the meme below

here is the meme I was talking about:

the meme I saw on Instagram and all over social media


my reaction when I first saw that meme.

I still did not understand who made this meme and what did he think of while making it like how does it link? how does specific and pacific ocean link together ?

If you got it then do feel free to comment below its so cringy ah!

via Daily Prompt: Specific

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