1 of my Winter Essential

I was going to upload this blog yesterday though. Anyways, as now I’m finally done with my board exams, I got the chance to write about it.


Winters are not winters without comfy clothing, in the freezin’ weather. BUT what’s more satisfying when you come home after being hit by the cold breeze or perhaps froze like an ice sculpture? you would definitely be looking forward to take a warm shower and rest in warm cozy blanket and of course, craving for something hot. So today I will be sharing with you guys about how i made delicious and easy healthy soup with my lazy, but effective way to make such appetizing soup.

First of all I would say thanks to one of my follower on WordPress who shares awesome recipes for us to try. You can access to the recipe at The Frugal Hausfrau .

It’s orginally called TURKEY (OR CHICKEN) NOODLE SOUP so i opted for making it from chicken and leftover boiled noodles. So this really saved lot of my time and made it easy to not even have to wait for it to be ready.

so here how it goes…

first of all, I cut the vegetables into cubes

I fried these cut vegetables in the  same soup cooking pot until color changes but should not be brown which means just right before it starts to get golden, remove from the pot and prepare to boil the broth and chicken.

I added this chicken stock to make the chicken broth

as mentioned in the recipe to use the ready made/ home made broth so I used bones of chicken as well as boneless chicken cut into cubes to enhance the flavor plus 1 chicken stock cube. This broth is the significant part of the recipe for the soup which truly will bring flavor to the soup, so make sure you taste while cooking. You can also add up your own favorable spices such as salt and pepper and adjust accordingly.

Now bring it to a boil up and check if the broth is ready and then add in the fried vegetables. I then used the cooked plain/egg noodles which was left from previous meal. I like to have very small cut offs of the long noodles in my soup, so i cut them with kitchen scissors and then added in the ready soup broth in small amounts and stir and check if it looks consistent and not too much full of noodles in soup. You may want to have a light soup with little amount of the noodles so that it actually tastes like soup, not noodles soup! =p

before adding in the noodles.
a healthy option full of protein and vitamins.

by the way, those oil droplets floating on the soup surface actually came from the bones of the chicken i used for making the broth. It’s your option what ever you want to make the broth with if that looks unhealthy to you.

it’s better to serve with salad and something on the side which boosts the colors like these fruits.

Yeah! there you go. Simple and easy recipe which i tried yesterday for lunch and it tasted so good. Specially it satisfied me, after the long tiring day at college due to exam week. My mood became from  >_<    to       ^_^.

One of my winter essential… what’s yours? ↓comment below 

the salad was my own recipe and I just saw what is in my fridge and made into a salad.The lazy part is that apparently, I found out that the noodles were quiet extra left even after adding them in the soup, so I just used them in my salad heheh… disgusting or not wasting of food that is still fresh? but at the end it turned out that it was completing new taste of salad i have ever ate and could not crave for more!

any questions?

feel free to ask in the comments. =) 

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