Atif Aslam Concert At Global Village.

The journey to Global Village.

Me and my fun squad headed off together in 4 cars to Global Village at 5 O’clock yesterday. We drove from Ajman to Dubai taking the route of Sheikh Zayed Road straight to Global Village. We waved hi to the intense traffic as soon as we reached Dubai which was of course was expected, like Atif Aslam was gonna perform, Duh! He is an amazing singer with beautiful voice which will make you mesmerize.Finally after passing through the traffic, we reached at about 7 O’clock.

here are few snaps of the place:

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The concert

Everybody was waiting and dying to see Atif Aslam live and the crowd of people at the concert stage area was so tremendous that it will be suffocating at some point. One of the guy beside us actually fainted which means things got serious.

Anyways, beside from the crowd, all the fun me and my friends had was extreme which made my day! Half an hour or so before he actually appeared, the crowd was screaming and cheering for him like crazy, while me and my friends were sitting on the ground waiting as if Atif Aslam was gonna call us and inform us when he is coming 😉 while waiting we would make a friend circle and tell each other jokes and just have fun.

It was only 2 minutes left as announced he was gonna perform at 9 pm and excitement increased within ourselves and we all stood up to see the magical fireworks in front of us. It was very beautiful specially, due to the concert being in open sky we could enjoy the lovely cold breezy weather as well. It was such a bliss!

my point of view shot- fireworks

As soon as the fireworks were over, the one we all were waiting for came. I could barely see him but listening to his voice was a whole different feeling, as this was my first time going to a concert, it was more than wonderful for me.

After all my small attempts of recording a video and clicking pics, here are few of the snaps from the concert.

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めちゃ かあっこよかった!!!

はじめての コンサート は、ホントに たのしかった です。

みんな ノリノリ でした。私 に とって、 おもいで に なる 一日 でした。

It was my very memorable day.

If you had any happy or memorable day do feel free to share with me in the comments ↓ I’ll be very delighted to know. ^_^




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