Friday dinner special – Japanese cuisine

every Friday my family have something special as our dinner.

We get bored of eating normal and common food every day such as sandwiches, nugget,salad, eggs, etc.

I just had my dinner few hour ago and wanted to share with you guys what it is called. It’s a japanese traditional food called “Takoyaki”

my mom makes them and all of them are home made!

basically, the name ‘Takoyaki’ means its grilled octopus.As we do not prefer octopus much, we used Squid instead. It is very interesting and fun to make them as they are unique to cook, design and especially the taste is the taste that you would find in any cafe or shop except in Japan because the special sauce and technique used. So i would like to share with you guys how it is like.

First of all, the you have to make the batter which contains eggs, flour and special seafood stock. Then prepare the sliced Octopus or Squid as well as any vegetable of your choice perhaps, cabbage or onion would be great! You will also need Japanese or normal ginger pickles that is red in color for appearance to add in each round space on the stove.

The stove for making them is has round shapes to add the batter in it. You can purchase it anywhere by searching for Takoyaki maker or cakepop maker which looks similar to this.

This is the time of cooking them
we add the batter with raw ingredients then again add the batter to form into a ball shape.
We top them with a sauce, mayo and ao nori.
this is how it is served

if you like to know the recipe do let me know in the comments. ⇓


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