Why WordPress makes me motivated.

It has been only 1 and half month since I joined and I really like how WordPress makes everyone sharing similar interests to be brought together. I never thought of writing any blog at the first place after i got to know from my mother the importance and fun to write blogs is the ultimate key to online success! Now i know why i should keep on continuing writing blogs.

keep reading till the end for a surprise!

Is writing blogs fun ? Find out about my experience:

The best thing about blog is that you can write whatever you can which makes it so much different from actually writing long stressful essays as we do in college a lot. I have to write long essays at my college for Media Studies to describe about the cross media based on the questions asked where I have to include lots of media terminologies + have to be very careful what I write where I can only use formal writing technique which is quiet brain using task for me.

What I want to say is that writing blog is like a personal diary for me but at the same time its viewed by public so it’s balanced. Which means everyone else also like and comment with appreciation which makes me motivated so thanks to all the people who are reading this post right now. ^_^ May you have a lovely day ahead! You can increase followers by going through others blog and following them. I just read one blog from one of my followers where she posted encouraging people to promote their own blog on one post comments. I recently participated int that which allowed me to increase followers you can check her post here— 🙂  You just have to comment about your blog in 2 lines and follow the person above your comment and this let’s everyone participating to follow each other in a chain. I really like this idea and hopefully this will encourage you guys as well.

the main thing i wanted to mention about what keeps me motivated and appreciated on WordPress is that, It gives us awards for every little things we do. Since day one, the time when i got 5 likes on my blog and i got notification congratulating me for the achievement really made me feel like writing more. After every little achievement , WordPress congratulates us which is like fulfilling the hierarchy of needs according to Maslow’s theory of different needs. heheh i somehow started to write like in my Media essay. Ok, so recently, I just got congratulated. Here are 2 of the recent ones:

One more good thing about writing on WordPress is that it automatically saves our drafts while we write so this actually is very good when we do not have time to save and log out. I remember when i was writing one my blog via my mobile phone and then i had to rush and leave without getting chance to save it, after when i realized that it was already saved automatically and i just to continue with it.

i have lots to appreciate but before the blog gets too long, cash me outside howbow dah? 😛 it’s just a trendy and viral catchphrase which people are talking about.

I feel happy and satisfied to be writing my blogs on WordPress and if any one of you went through any good/bad experience writing blogs do let me know in the comments. And how you motivate yourself to write every single day or maybe weekly? Or you can compare your day one of writing blogs to now; how does it feel now?

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