An elevator to Happiness and a bye bye to Stress!

I am just sharing from my point of view as this works for me and hopefully it will help you as well 🙂

Is it going to affect you after 5 years?

When you think something worse had happened most probably  you did a mistake and think all bad about yourself just because someone said bad to you? Well then don’t over-stress about it if that cause does not matter to you for a long run; more than 5 years. For this case, just kick that stress out and take a deep breath and smile 🙂

Don’t let the world change your smile, use your smile to change the world.

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You are the owner and you are responsible for the Stress.

It all starts from thinking negative during sad times in our lives which makes the case worse and more stressful to handle for long run. You are capable of controlling your self to be happy or sad. So for overcoming negative thoughts, check my latest post to deal with negativity and bring out positivity within our self as we are responsible for our thoughts and no one else is!

No one is perfect and everything does not go according to the plan. 

Sadly speaking for me, plan never works.. at first i used to become intensely sad just because the plan i made with all the organised timetable does not work at the end. I used to cry and become all mad thinking that I can be a perfect human being lol but now when I look back, I got to know now how i am so calm, when people say that i am not organised and never make plans which makes people think that i am not focused towards my future. well duh! I am worried about my future but no one except out God decides our future so i just leave up to him and also try my best to bring out my inner quality in me as I am pretty not sure about my qualities but i believe in my self and just go with the flow. you can have similar thoughts within your self to keep you motivated.

if things don’t go right just take a U-turn!

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