I Started my YouTube Channel

I have been not writing for quiet long and i apologize for it as i was into getting views for my YouTube channel. you can access my channel by clicking here.

Basically i share my undiscovered talents  and my likes which obviobsly as i mentioned in my previous blog post that i like to sing and also sang with the artist Charlie Puth you can click here to see. 

so here is how my channel looks like:


I also sang Selena Gomez’s new single song cover called ‘Bad Liar’

i sang with the artist James Arthur do check out:

You can also check my stress/fidget spinner or toy collection:

This is the cool and random fun stuff video that i uploaded because this world is so random any random video can get viral and we shouldn’t be serious all the time to upload something be creative and confident. These are the words i live by with and i just need more ideas and you guys’ support for me to get more views so that i can monetize my videos.

You can watch these videos i have shared here and if u like plz do give my videos thumbs up! thanks for your support ^_^


Let me know in the comments on any other video ideas you have and if so plz do subscribe to my channel and i’ll be uploading videos you like 🙂


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