Skin Care routine you are probably doing it wrong.

I always used to search online to search for homemade remedies to treat any acne scar or make my skin moisturized. You will find millions of remedies when you google after trail and error I got to know most of the remedies were just to make views aka doesn’t work!

what did I learnt after my trial and error?

If you search about Asians lifestyle and beauty, including Korean and Japanese, you will find that one of their important daily routine is their skin care, they live heavily on the word 9 steps skin care routine.  who has the time and effort to carry those 9 or more steps? but thats why Asians are known  for their flawless porcelain skin becuz they put most of their  effort on their skin rather than caking their face  with makeup.

well, you must be wondering what are those 9 steps to a flawaless skin? this includes:

  1. oil-based cleansing
  2. water-based cleansing
  3. exfoliating
  4. toning
  5. applying essence
  6. applying serum
  7. sheet masks
  8. eye cream
  9. moisturizing cream
  10. spf (day) / sleeping mask (at night)

if you want to know more about these steps in detail do like this post and share your skin issue with me below in the comments⇓⇓⇓

So what did i do to get rid of patched skin with clogged pores and lot of blackheads?

  • i started off with knowing my skin type which i definitely knew it was oily because my skin used to have that oily look every time making me look  like i didn’t wash my face and it was super annoying. BUT, i recently found out that it is a combination skin by having a proper skin type check up. how to check your skin type? (do check my recent post about Skin Care for combination skin .) so i learnt that there is different ways to treat each type of skin so if you search to treat acne on google just first make sure your skin wont react or make it dry from using TEA TREE oil as it’s the universal way to treat acne. this is important because tea tree didn’t suit my skin when i tried The Body Shop Tea Tree collection and i was just tired of trying all those products for oily skin and remedies to get rid of clogged pores and forehead acne.


  • Knowing the difference between HYDRATING & MOISTURIZING is important. Our skin can be oily at times or dry, depending on the weather and your diet, and you might have deep down blackheads or small bumps on your skin, but still looks dry and dull why?  well we get confused between hydrating our skin which is basically making the our skin catch moisture from air and delivering the water particles deep into our pores while moisturizing means trapping our natural oils on the surface of our skin. I used to use the heavy Nivea cream on my face as moisturizer soon after washing my face once only and  my skin still used to feel heavy and patchy as the photo below:IMG_5982


  • properly cleansing my face using Korean method of double cleansing really helped with my clogged pores and blackheads. if you want to know more about how I doubled cleansed my face do like this post and mention in the comment⇓⇓
  • IMG_5471
    me trying double cleansing



  • Exfoliation and deep cleansing by using peel of masks/ mud/ clay masks really helps to get rid of all the dirt clogged deep in your pores. I always used to wash my face once, then apply toner and the Nivea cream to moisturize but it still didn’t clean my skin properly. I also learnt to open the pores first by steaming and then cleaning up by exfoliating and using masks. i am still trying on which mask suits my skin the best, currently im using mud mask from Hollywood Style ( its available on Amazon) which brightened my skin instantly but it didn’t remove my deep blackheads so soon I will be buying a clay mask to see if that works. I will say just try different things which is good for you becuz everyone’s skin and body structure is different. For some of us mud mask might work the best, depending on your need and for some of us, scrub might work well. Honestly, my skin is very delicate so i always try to be gentle towards my skin which leaves my skin feeling like a baby butt.


  • closing or shrinking the pores by using oil control toner (for oily skin) or hydrating toner (for dry skin) and storing the toner in the fridge really helps make our pores appear smaller after the deep cleansing. This is an essential step to really achieve that porcelain skin. I also found out my skin feel much better and have that oil and water balance after using the oil control toner from The Body Shop. The effect is doubled when I use it cold, during the hot climate in UAE.
  • if you wanna know more about the products I use for my whole routine do check my post. Products I use for a Clear Skin


  • Sheet masks and essence for a deep hydrated skin takes our skin to a whole new level. This is like a stress relieve process when I lie down with the sheet mask and feel my skin absorbing all the hydration and nutrition. As sheet masks are expensive and difficult to find in nearby stores, I create my own by using cotton pads and my essence lotion. I finally found a life saving method! all thanks to a well-known Japanese skin care guru named Chizu Saeki. After searching different shops, I finally found a sheet mask from Carrefour in Ajman City Centre. It was the first time they were selling Korean sheet masks by Shangpree.

    Red Ginseng Hue Sheet Mask by Shangpree.
  • img_5796.jpg
u can see the bumps calmed down a bit. but regularly doing this routine what makes the difference.


It wont help me get the perfect flawless skin immediately but it really did changed my skin texture compared to before when I used to only moisturize and not hydrate my skin and giving proper nutrition to my skin. So i continued my research and I am still doing a trial and error because my blackheads dissapper on the day i do proper deep cleansing and use sleeping mask but on the busy university days, i tend to just do few steps which makes the blackheads appear again. I am still trying to adjust this new routine to my busy schedule and i will be updating you guys on what more i learn and how you can get help from this information and adapt to your needs .

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Disclaimer :

all of the information mentioned above are just my opinions and the research and things I learnt that worked for  me and it might be different for everyone and im just sharing my thoughts and experience on the skin care routine i found to be working for me and it might work for you too 🙂 Its better if any one has extreme long-term skin problems, to visit a dermatologist as they can personally check your skin problem and recommend properly.  And the results shown are not immediate it took many months to get rid of all the dirt.

Thanks for the support ^_^ I appreciate if you like this post and also subscribe to my blog via your email by scrolling all the way down of this post to look for a SUBSCRIBE button.


This is today morning after I applied the vitamin E and hyaluronic acid  spf emulsion

14 thoughts on “Skin Care routine you are probably doing it wrong.

  1. You are looking beautiful.
    Too late for my old skin, after years of working on the farm with no sunscreen, which I’m paying for now with skin cancer.
    Look after your skin it is good for the inner soul to look after your body, reaps happiness.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh no i didn’t know that but is there any treatment for skin cancer?
      I’m sure you have a good soul and a kind heart because every one is beautiful in their own way. 🙂
      if there is anything I can do to or give
      motivations let me know I love to help people and spread happiness around. ^_^


  2. D

    Would you post the products you used? I have combination skin and I’m on my learning journey too. I’m still trying to find the right product regime.

    I struggle with deep black heads and big pores.

    Thanks for this post! Your comparison photo blew me away. #goals

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts!

      Yah sure I’ll be posting a blog about the products I used soon, so stay tuned ^_^

      I can relate to u cuz I used to have lot of deep blackheads compared to now I have fewer. I can say you can try deep cleansing using double cleansing method I hope that will help you 🙂

      Best wishes,
      Yoyoyoshioka ❤


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  6. Mohammad Idriskhan p

    Assalamu alaikum
    I don’t know your name, here your profile name is yoyoyoshioka its crazy. I know you are not from Korea, you only told me that you have a very keen interest in Korean beauty. You are sooooo beautiful. And I would like to know from you, how could I will be free from tan, it is on my forehead place it’s not going. It clearly shows the dark color on my forehead in the photos, please help to get out of this.

    Thank you, and wish you the good luck

    Liked by 1 person

    1. W/Salam
      I’m from Japan 🇯🇵 and thanks for the compliment ^_^
      If you don’t mind can I know how you know me?
      And about your tan issue, you can protect for skin by applying sun screen in the daytime and apply vitamin C products at night time to lighten your skin 🙂
      for an immediate solution, you can just hide the discoloration color correction cream (CC cream ) or makeup But do make sure you wash your face properly morning and night 🙂


      1. Mohammad Idriskhan p

        Yea I am your follower on twitter, Mr.Khan, and thanks 🙏 for showing the solution to the issue.
        And please mam, i don’t know much about these things. Which one would you suggest to buy the product? For both sun screen and vitamin C products. And you can follow me back in twitter, if you wish.

        Thanks and wishes for the better luck

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh yah you follow me on twitter!

        Alright no issue I’ll let you know the products you can use. Sun screen is basically sun protection products you can buy any where mostly in Carrefour you can find in Nivea and L’Oeal section there are sun protection creams you can use that to prevent tanning.
        You can also check my post on what products I use and where to get them here:

        And I think I’m following you on twitter already but I’ll check it again ^_^



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