Products I use for a Clear Skin

Today i will be sharing the products i tried and used tog get rid of clogged pores, blackheads and acne as i talked about the methods and general tips i shared in my previous blog. If you have missed it then you can access

For Cleansing

I use these alternative to viral Korean product cAlled Banilla Clean It Zero which is a oil based cleanser. As I mentioned in my previous blog post about the double cleansing method, oil based cleanser are the first step of the skin care routine which you don’t want to miss. But these products may not be available every where and even they may be available, they will be expensive like for instance, I found many Korean products which are sold in Korea for cheap are very expensive so I use the alternative, which is any oil based cleaner I can find.

So i use the creamy oil based cleanser like DermaPure Brightening Facial Cleanser (Every night) and sometimes Skir Reborn Creamy Cleanser for my night skin care routine. I use the Skir cleanser less often because I find it very cool on my skin and because of the ingredients but the result is amazing! In contrast, DermaPure Cleanser is much more mild and gentle on skin so I use that every day mostly at night. After cleansing my oily clogged skin from double cleansing, my skin becomes so clean and clear and fresh feeling!

Water-Based Cleanser I use is SafriDerm Skin Brightening Face Wash which was recommended by my skin doctor few years ago when I was suffering from lot of acne on my forehead and little all around my face. You can see the benefits written in the picture and it really does what it says.

I also use Eskinol Facial Cleanser which feels very cool on my skin so I use it only in morning when I don’t feel like washing my face or don’t have time. But I would never skip double cleaning at night.

I use these wipes by The Body Shop to quickly cleanse my face in the morning when i am in a hurry or don’t feel like cleansing my face with water and so this is very useful for a person like me who has to wake up at the last moment before driving to my university. I is also useful to remove the dirt on the surface of skin for a quick cleanse when my face feels very oily or I’m sweating as oppose to washing face with water which makes skin dry so it took me long time to figure this out and I’m sharing with you so that you will use my experience to learn quickly the way to hydrated skin!

as this post is my general info about the products i use so if you want to know more about each products in details and how i use and the before and after results do lemme know by liking and commenting on this post! 

Next, for deep pore cleansing I use the mud mask from Hollywood Style as I mentioned in my previous blog that It removes deep sebum and overall brightens my face.

If my blackheads are intense and I want to remove them especially on my nose, i would use Charcoal Mask Pore Cleansing Gel pack. I bought this for only 7 AED (1.91 US Dollars)!! Plus, the result from using it also tremendous. You might be wondering where the hell can I buy it? I bought it from Daiso Japan in UAE Mirdif City Centre. I’m half from Japan so I really love Japanese products and this is one of my favorite as I saw the great result in one use.

After deep pore cleansing it is vital to feed your skin with nutrition by hydrating and moisturizing your skin. As I mentioned in my previous blog the steps after cleansing. I use these products instead of the Korean products which actually effectively cleared up my clogged pores, blackheads and acne.

For spot treatment I use the serum from Radha Beauty I bought from which fills the cleared up pores and makes it appear smaller plus its nourishing due the ingredients. This helped my skin from hyper-pigmentation and acne scars to slowly an gradually decrease making my skin look clear and translucent from time to time.

It is important to know the ingredients that are good for our skin so I always search and try to learn difficult scientific names and also avoid few ingredients too. But now I’m still learning the difficult scientific names of the ingredients so if any one can help me with common ingredients to search for and also avoid before buying a skin care product do comment and help me out and I’m doing it too. It’s like let’s be friends and sharing each other’s tips. ^_^

I also bought The makeup fixer shown in the picture from is hydrating and makes my skin look plain with no bumps idk how it works but its just spray and it makes such a difference when I apply it and don’t. I sometimes use it as a hydrating mist when my skin feels dry sitting all day in air conditioned room and also due to hanging weather here in UAE atm.


I really love The Body Shop and also The Face Shop I always use to think they both are form same company due to its name. But I learnt now that they both are different and I also learnt that The Face Shop has all Korean Products. So soon I’m going to buy some products when I finish my using current Products. The Face Shop also has very few branches here unlike The Body Shop.

however some products from the same brand did not effectively work well on my skin and it felt heavy on my skin and made my skin clog more pores. So the thing i learnt in my skin care journey is that it is not necessary to buy all the range from one specific brand because some may work and some may not work on your skin.

The vital C cream from the same brand Skir REBORN which states the benefits to skin for triple antioxidant protection, natural skin brightening and repair damaged skin. however, it didn’t work on my skin but it worked on my mom’s skin because she has really dry skin. So i guess it was not suitable for my skin type which is combination skin. So it is important to know your skin type by testing from a blotting paper method which I’ll be sharing in few days with you guys. So if you want to know more do like this post so i’ll be sharing more 🙂


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