Going Foundation-free

I tried to go foundation free where I noticed a huge difference in my skin texture and how my acne are less visible and how my pores appear smaller than before as you can see in the photo below:

I just apply concealer to hide those dark eye circles and tinted lip balm. Because I don’t have much layer of skin barrier for protection from the environment, it’s vital to apply a generous amount sunscreen every 2-3 hours.

How going foundation free helped my skin?

A little background:

Before trying foundation free look, a few months ago during my summer holidays I was doing a bridal makeup course which made me also use more makeup and caking my face with foundation and powder. This caking didn’t suit my combination skin and clogged pores which lead to even more clogged and larger pores with increasing blackheads and acne.

The influence:

I daily watch videos on YouTube about skin care and my favorite YouTubers are TheBeautyBreakdown, Melodee Morita, Liah Yoo and Meejmuse. I also read the posts about KoreanBeauty on Reddit and share our experience there for more info.

But the main YouTuber Liah Yoo who herself created the hashtag of Foundation-free Sunday on her Instagram and twitter and encouraged me to post using her hashtag which influenced me to give it a try.

The result:

Going foundation free made me more confident about my skin and actually let my skin breath. Of course I changed the way I used to cleanse my face and my whole routine a bit ( you can check how I changed my routine here ) but applying no foundation really helps especially for combination and oily skin. But if u r normal to dry skin I don’t think u will have that much issue like I did before but it’s good to try and give it a go and learn from ur own experience cuz every one is created unique so it might work and not work for everyone.

Btw this picture is taken with IPhone 7 plus with no filters or any editing. My skin looks extra glowing cuz of the sunlight hitting directly on my face.

Conclusion and what I learned:

All thanks to Liah Yoo for the influence. I really love Liah Yoo and how she is so motivated and hardworking and now she is also introducing her own brand of skin care! I wish I could try them here in UAE or visit Korea someday . Anyway, what I learn is that, using less product and less layers on skin is the key to that clear blemish free skin. In case, you missed my previous post on how my experience of changing my skin care routine was you can check here This is the changes u can see in the photo below: Any questions? Feel free to share your thoughts and share some tips you know too. Or if u want me to share a specific skin care topic do let me know in the comments below. ^_^

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