An Ultimate Hack for Falling Asleep fast!


I always had trouble sleeping on time even though I’m a pro in taking naps that i can sleep as soon as i close my eyes but idk why at night i get all those thinking and un-comfortableness  and eventually end up thinking more and more and not get my beauty sleep. I used to search on Google and follow those steps but still it wouldn’t work on me so if u can relate, keep reading for my personal experience on how i figured out how to fall asleep fast!

Relax! take a deep breath and take the 3 steps to your journey to fall asleep fast:

1-Your diet:

2-3 hours before you sleep make sure you eat your dinner properly with good micronutrients rich food such as potassium, calcium and vitamins. I have realized that i used to eat a poor nutrient dinner and in low amounts that it would make me hungry at bedtime and eventually end up not sleeping, binge and gain weight. So eat a balanced but nutrient rich dinner which include, fish (any protein + fats) , colorful salads (good carbohydrate) and some warm herbal tea after dinner or any warm drink except Caffeine.

I also found out that bloating also causes troubles falling asleep. I used to bloat every time after my meal which would be so frustrating at times cuz of the gas that disturbs your mood and your whole body system and cuz of this i used to get constipation (yes im being very honest! and not try to disgust you) ( If you don’t suffer from bloating you can skip this and read the other points below. ) but for me the biggest cause was due to bloating which links back to my poor nutrient diet.

what did i do?

well, cuz of poor diet, i used to bloat and get constipation and so i went to different doctors in UAE to check what was wrong, and all of them just gave me medicines like Lactulose but it worked for me only for few days and then my body got used to of the medince and i used to still get digestive issue. Moreover, i also visited a doctor in a in Pakistan, they advised me to change my diet which was to eat more fruits and gave me 3 different medicines to take after every meal for 3 months! it was so annoying and disgusted me cuz i hate the taste of medicines as oppose to  my brother who loves taking medicines for no reason.

Constipation and bloating is another topic so lets just get to the point. Now, I don’t have issue with neither of these and also i can sleep easily now, after i got to know few tips which changed my lifestyle. if you wanna know the source and how i started into a new lifestyle change, like this post and comment so that ill be posting more!  Now i try to eat less carbs including junk food and sweets which i used to crave every time. So now i eat 3 meals a day which really helped my stomach rest and stay calm and ingesting adequate amount of macro and micro nutrients also made me crave less snacks and junk food than before and of course helped me sleep at night cuz my body gets what it needs.

2-Prepare your brain to wake up early the next day.

by setting an alarm and getting up early the next day weather for school, university or work or just for an early walk, make your brain prepare the night before that you have to get adequate hours of sleep so that you can function well the next day. So this way you can help your self fall asleep on time to get your beauty sleep but make sure you do all the important work during the day time. This is from my personal experience as i know, i have to wake up early so i eat early and get onto bed early and do nothing productive after my dinner except just relaxing or treating my self with massaging my face and the lymph nodes around the neck area and other ways to relax.


here’s the meaning according to Wikipedia:

Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is a term used for an experience characterized by a static-like or tingling sensation on the skin that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine.”

Sometimes, when i cant sleep when i cant have control over my overthinking and deep thoughts at bed time, i watch ASMR videos on YouTube. If you have heard of ASMR for sleeping and relaxing for the first time, then you’ll know why it helps you relax after watching few my fav videos below:

But before that, to note, some people will find it weird to listen to ASMR cuz it will be tingly so be aware of that. ASMR according to me is basically, listening to soft sounds that makes us feel relaxed like water sounds, bird chirping sounds and all those sounds that we love to hear and make us relaxed that’s why we go to beach and parks to get refreshed. So this is an alternative to listening to those sounds while on bed. To watch these make sure you put your headphones/earphones on so that you get to hear the detailing of the sounds.

I also watch some roleplay ASMR video to divert my mind from deep thoughts:

These were the 3 steps to fall asleep fast and get your beauty sleep and wake up feeling refreshed. To  make this post short i didn’t write much in detail as mostly it would get lengthy and you can miss the main points. So if you wanna know anything included in this post in detail then like this post so ill be posting more about a particular topic in detail for you guys. It will be great if u like to share any of your tip here in the comments section below⇓⇓⇓

i recently shared my experience on how to get that clear flawless skin and get rid of blackheads and acne in my previous post so do check it if u r interested.

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