Skin Care for Combination Skin

My skin type is combination so i found out really interesting facts and tips for my skin type and if you have combination skin too like me, then scroll down for the tips (if you are other skin types do let me know in the comments so ill post something for you too) and hacks to get those smooth clear skin that i found out. There are also product recommendation and places you can get from ranging from high to low prices to be friendly to your wallet as well as to your skin 🙂 so without further a do, lets get starting!

How to know if you are combination skin?

For me personally, i never knew i had combination skin and for all my life i have been thinking i have oily skin and used to avoid any products that has oil in it and used to dry my skin like crazy plus used to have blackheads on my nose but my skin was extremely dry but oily (ik its confusing but that’s called dehydrated oily skin as explained in the video below) that whenever i used to apply foundation on top to hide those blackheads, my ripped skin would be more visible which will look like a zombie skin. Now i don’t apply any foundation which makes me confident about my skin than ever before.

Few weeks ago, i got my skin test for FREE from The Face Shop in Dubai, they didn’t only tell me my skin type but also told me if there is any skin problem deep inside my skin and pores and what should i do to prevent future skin problem and also what product to use. I  hope if you reading this, you can get your skin type test done as soon as possible before buying any expensive products that may not even suit your skin type so definitely get it done from anywhere possible. If you can’t get it checked from someone, don’t worry you can also check your skin type at home.  I came across this amazing video yesterday and loved it from WishTrendTV they have amazing skin care videos and they also ship their products internationally so you can sit back and order from anywhere around the world. You can watch this video to know your skin type at home and also skin care routine aimed for your skin type.

Where to buy Korean Products?

ill list the websites that i know so that you can buy products easily from your home also from nearby stores.

  • Soko Glam: free shipping all over U.S and its great if you are just starting into skin care and plus, 10% off from just subscribing!
  • BeautyNetKorea: cheap shipping internationally and you can also pay on credit.
  • Chok Chok : for UAE you can buy products according to your skin type it is very organised and i also read their blog; its very informative.
  • The Face Shop: they are located in various physical places and they sell 100% authentic Korean products ranging from makeup to skin care. They are known to have the best sheet masks they are little expensive but they have many promotions going on at the moment so u can check it out.

These are only few of the websites you can access to buy Korean products and if you like to know more sites i follow on Instagram, follow me on Instagram too i follow many beauty brands to get offers and also participate in giveaways; its so much fun.

i also watched Morgan’s video where she explains in detail all about skin care and also reviews makeup; i just love her.

what products i use?

1-Oil Based Cleansers (daily at night/ sometimes in morning when skin is very oily)

2-water based cleansers (morning and night daily)

this product was recommended by dermatologist and it is AHA product so it is very gentle on my skin and removes all the surface dirt but it is not good for my oily T-zone, so few blackheads still appear on my nose and soon i’ll be purchasing BHA product to use it twice a week to get to deeply cleanse my T-zone area.

3-exfoliaters (twice a week only)

I use aloe Vera exfoliating gel  on days when i want to remove the upper surface of the skin to remove all the dead skin cells. It does not remove the deep blackheads like BHA so i do not use it when i want to deep cleanse within my pores.

i only use it for my T-zone area where my skin produces more oil with gentle movement using my 2 gentle fingers only.



it removes the dirt deep inside from the pores and smooths skin 

4-toner (daily morning and night)

this is the best literally for combination skin it really balanced my oil and water content of my skin. Now my skin is cleansed and also hydrated so i don’t have issue with the ripped skin anymore.

5-essence (daily day and night)


6-sheet masks ( night time on day when i deep cleanse)

currently i’m loving snail products its super hydrating and makes my skin so smooth i love it. But do make sure to save the product, use it twice cuz it has lot of serum in it and you don’t wanna waste the product. I use it on days i deeply cleanse my face like Mondays where i use the hashtag maskmondays to keep me on track and also on Thursday night when its the starting of weekend here according to UAE cuz we don’t get holiday on Sundays instead our weekend here is Friday.

You can also use sheet masks as much as you want cuz its a nutrition for your skin basically, as Charlotte Cho has this thing called “7 days sheet mask challenge” where she explains how using sheet masks daily for 7 days can really make your skin glowy that you wont even need to use those blinding highlighters anymore! if you try this challenge do lemme know how were the results

7-eye cream

For eye creams we can use any gentle eye cream but you might be wondering can’t we just use normal moisturizers for the eyes i mean its the same god damn cream that we apply to our skin right? but after i got to know from Liah’s video about the myths of skin care i found out that it can really damage our eyes due to heavy moisturizers that has chemicals that penetrate into our eyes which can be irritating for our precious eyes so we should use creams that are very specific for our eyes or if you don’t wanna buy eye creams if they are expensive, you can just apply face oils to your eye after you apply essence or hydrate as i do sometime and it keeps my thin skin around the eyes to stay moisturized the entire night. But you can’t use oil in day if you are applying concealers .


I am using a heavy moisturizing cream at the moment and im trying different creams to see what works well for my skin. The image below that shows vitamin E emulsion makes my skin very shiny and oily so i am soon going to try gel moisturizers which hopefully will work well and ill keep you guys updated so do subscribe via your email to my blog by scrolling this post all the way down and you’ll see the SUBSCRIBE button.

9- Sun Screenmy dad got it for me from Japan and im already almost done with using all the product due to hot sunny climate here; i use it a lot. It is also good for my combination skin and it doesn’t make my skin clogged and oily looking. It is also affordable so definitely do give it a try. lemme know if you use it in the comments 🙂 


10- sleep mask ( once a week)

i use sleep mask once a week after all the above listed routine to really pack those layers up and wake up with glowy looking baby skin. That feels very refreshing and satisfying.




That’s it folks! this is all you need to know for combination skin and if you have watched the videos then you will get to know more about combination skin and what products to use. You can also see what products i use which can be easily available almost everywhere and on Amazon and so you will know what exactly works for your skin. The main tip and skin hack is to only use products suitable for your skin type and don’t waste your money on expensive products and do make sure to not over exfoliate which will make your skin condition worst.

disclaimer: these tips are totally personal from my experience and what i learnt during my skin care process so if you have any other tips of your own you can share too 🙂 I’m not a professional but i like to learn and spread the information so that we don’t fall into complications of skin care and hopefully help you guys. You can also ask me questions in the comment section below and i’ll reply instantly. 

thank you and to more about skin care do lemme know and i’ll be posting soon for you all. To stay updated when i post, which is every weekend but you can subscribe to my blog via your E-mail by scrolling this post all the way down and you will see the subscribe button.

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