Inspiring Quotes by Me- Yoyoyoshioka

These are 10 quotes from my experience in  my growing up life. Perfect for teenagers staging into adult life.

  1. It is okay to make mistakes unless you don’t end up repeating the same mistake again and again.

  2. To have self-confidence, you have to first be thankful for everything what God gave you.
  3. Its perfectly fine if you don’t get along with group of friends and don’t fit in. We all are unique in our own way and that what makes you precious. 

  4. To make people listen to your opinions, you gotta listen to their’s too. 
  5. Don’t cry over spilt milk cuz you don’t have time for small little things in your life anymore, just focus on the important things. 
  6. It is vital to have emotional or love support from friends and family cuz this is the stage where you want more attention and bond due to minor changes in our brain system.
  7. As we grow up, we tend to set priorities and the top of the list of your priorities should be your health. Nothing is as much important as your health and you being happy 🙂

  8.   Before falling in love, be careful not to fall in the trap where you can’t get out of. 
  9. If you take every thing in a complicated and difficult way, then hella yes it will be difficult! 

  10. Time is our precious asset so do be mindful where and how you are using your time. 

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