An Ultimate Hack for Falling Asleep fast!

having troubles sleeping? read my tips from my experience.

YOLO a cocktail life

I always had trouble sleeping on time even though I’m a pro in taking naps that i can sleep as soon as i close my eyes but idk why at night i get all those thinking and un-comfortableness  and eventually end up thinking more and more and not get my beauty sleep. I used to search on Google and follow those steps but still it wouldn’t work on me so if u can relate, keep reading for my personal experience on how i figured out how to fall asleep fast!

Relax! take a deep breath and take the 3 steps to your journey to fall asleep fast:

1-Your diet:

2-3 hours before you sleep make sure you eat your dinner properly with good micronutrients rich food such as potassium, calcium and vitamins. I have realized that i used to eat a poor nutrient dinner and in low amounts that it…

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