About my background.

こんばんは 吉岡 ナディアです。^_^

Hello beautiful people! Welcome to my blog. I’m Nadeia Yoshioka orginally from Japan but flew to Pakistan after completing my Foundation Stage 2 in a well known school in Toyama. While in Pakistan I learnt Urdu language while still young (5 yrs old) again traveled and landed to United Arab Emirates to learn English language and continue higher education as well. Since then, I’m adapted to the UAE environment.

You  will find variety of things on my blog including foods I have tried, amazing places I have visited and my experience which you can get inspired from , reviews on any topic, and also taking part in the daily post. 

My current status.


Recently I gave my IGCSE exams and got admission into a good high school in Qusais,Dubai to continue my British curriculum higher education AS level.

I’m not really sure what I want to become so according to my interests and the subject i got good grades in, I opt for those subjects to study for A levels. These are the subjects:

  1. Business Studies
  2. Information Technology
  3. Biology
  4. Media Studies

Now i have finally decided to do BBA ( Bacholar of Business Administration) in Heriot Watt University Dubai Campus.


My Japanese language level

As I mentioned before in the introduction, I traveled a lot in my childhood so I coudn’t complete learning Japanese due to the disturbance and also I was busy focusing on learning English in UAE. So I now learnt English, I’m back to learning Japanese from my mom who is also Japanese and is an article writer in well known Japanese website. She is really helping me learn our national language and I’m currently working hard on it trying to balance A level studies as well as Japanese language.

I believe in my self to achieve self-improvement and progress in life ^_^

I can understand basic Japanese and also read & write Hiragana and Katakana not as clearly but still working on itーがんばっています。


My high school has given me lots of opportunity to gain experience and skills including Market Day to gain marketing skills where we all worked as a group to sell food for charity so eventually I also learnt leadership skills, sales skills, communication skills and management according to the consumer situation.

I developed a business proposal with my friends to participate in a University, in Sharjah for the young enterprise competition. We had to present in front of many people in the university hall which helped to me gain confidence.

I also participated in another, on the spot business proposal competition held in my school by the University where our prize was a 25% scholarship card for a lovely presentation in 10 mintutes.

Currently, I’m also an ambassador for a social networking site. I learnt many new things like how to gain traffic, promote the app, socialize and connect to people around the world as well as inviting people to the app via various other social networking site so basically I also gained the skill of marketing online.

To conclude, I am looking forward to gain more experiences to help me work in future as a business manager or any other related jobs.

Thank You for reading through this long intro 🙏🏻