Motivational Quotes by me

Learn to love your self so that you can love others. If you feel like being betrayed, always remember that people come into your life for a reason teach you lot of things and leave you when time comes, so cherish every moment. You did not come into this world to be a mediocre so forget about …

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An Ultimate Hack for Falling Asleep fast!

having troubles sleeping? read my tips from my experience.

YOLO a cocktail life

I always had trouble sleeping on time even though I’m a pro in taking naps that i can sleep as soon as i close my eyes but idk why at night i get all those thinking and un-comfortableness  and eventually end up thinking more and more and not get my beauty sleep. I used to search on Google and follow those steps but still it wouldn’t work on me so if u can relate, keep reading for my personal experience on how i figured out how to fall asleep fast!

Relax! take a deep breath and take the 3 steps to your journey to fall asleep fast:

1-Your diet:

2-3 hours before you sleep make sure you eat your dinner properly with good micronutrients rich food such as potassium, calcium and vitamins. I have realized that i used to eat a poor nutrient dinner and in low amounts that it…

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Inspiring Quotes by Me- Yoyoyoshioka

These are 10 quotes from my experience in  my growing up life. Perfect for teenagers staging into adult life. It is okay to make mistakes unless you don't end up repeating the same mistake again and again. To have self-confidence, you have to first be thankful for everything what God gave you. Its perfectly fine …

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Going Foundation-free

I tried to go foundation free where I noticed a huge difference in my skin texture and how my acne are less visible and how my pores appear smaller than before as you can see in the photo below: I just apply concealer to hide those dark eye circles and tinted lip balm. Because I …

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Products I use for a Clear Skin

Today i will be sharing the products i tried and used tog get rid of clogged pores, blackheads and acne as i talked about the methods and general tips i shared in my previous blog. If you have missed it then you can access For Cleansing I use these alternative to viral Korean product …

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I Started my YouTube Channel

I have been not writing for quiet long and i apologize for it as i was into getting views for my YouTube channel. you can access my channel by clicking here. Basically i share my undiscovered talents  and my likes which obviobsly as i mentioned in my previous blog post that i like to sing and …

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