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I Started my YouTube Channel

I have been not writing for quiet long and i apologize for it as i was into getting views for my YouTube channel. you can access my channel by clicking here. Basically i share my undiscovered talents  and my likes which obviobsly as i mentioned in my previous blog post that i like to sing and …

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I started singing on Smule + with Charlie Puth.

I recently downloaded the app called Smule which is an app for karaoke. It allows us to sing solo, duet and also in a group which helps to connect people all around the world and enjoy singing with them. We can also invite our friends to join with us and sing along which is super …

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An elevator to Happiness and a bye bye to Stress!

I am just sharing from my point of view as this works for me and hopefully it will help you as well 🙂 Is it going to affect you after 5 years? When you think something worse had happened most probably  you did a mistake and think all bad about yourself just because someone said …

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Why WordPress makes me motivated.

It has been only 1 and half month since I joined and I really like how WordPress makes everyone sharing similar interests to be brought together. I never thought of writing any blog at the first place after i got to know from my mother the importance and fun to write blogs is the ultimate …

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How to avoid overwork?

first of all you have to understand the meaning of being Overworked... exhaust with too much work. tired, overworked, demoralized staff work too hard. synonyms: work too hard, work like a Trojan/horse/slave, work/run oneself into the ground, wear oneself to a shadow, work one's fingers to the bone, drive oneself into the ground, sweat, sweat …

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