Motivational Quotes by me

Learn to love your self so that you can love others. If you feel like being betrayed, always remember that people come into your life for a reason teach you lot of things and leave you when time comes, so cherish every moment. You did not come into this world to be a mediocre so forget about …

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An elevator to Happiness and a bye bye to Stress!

I am just sharing from my point of view as this works for me and hopefully it will help you as well 🙂 Is it going to affect you after 5 years? When you think something worse had happened most probably  you did a mistake and think all bad about yourself just because someone said …

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Stay Positive (2 min read)

2 minute of reading this a day keeps the negativity away 😉

Millionaire's Digest

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Amanda Sanchez

Founder & Owner of:  Bibliosmia

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Successful Living Writer

There are moments in life where you can really feel defeated. When it feels like you were knocked down and can’t seem to catch a break, it is a terrible feeling and you can feel really helpless. You have to be able to pick yourself back up though and keep trying. When it seems really hard to do so, there are some helpful things you can try out to keep yourself going.

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