how I study Japanese- the fun way!

we get bored studying same thing every single day for example, when we go to school or study particular topic we just tend to focus on that particular topic and do not move onto other topic until we are done the topic but for me its completely different. I take Japanese class only twice a week for 2 hours that’s it. Now i have realised my self that even for learning for about a month or so, i have improved so much in kanji and making sentences as well as making convo in Japanese!!?? even im surprised when today my sensei said : “Is this sentence made by you? sugoi ! You have improved alot!” by this sentence stuck into my head, i got more excited to share with you guys ^_^ so let’s start!

skip the parts that’s difficult for you

when you start with a specific topic to study, for example, katanaka or な-Adjectives. If you get stuck at specific parts and you try to feed that into your brain but still cannot memorise it, so keep a note book and write down that and revise it after 2-3 days again in a different way which i will share with you below.

try different ways to learn the same topic

Below, you will find the worksheet that clearly clears all your confusion and doubts for Katakana, which was very useful for me because even though i wrote each katakana letters 10 times, i was still confused between the letters as they all look similar.So here you can find this worksheet very helpful. 


way 1: Fill in the blanks which has similar looking Katakana words and you have to choose the correct one.

If you need answers for these do let me know in the comments.⇓


Way2: this is where you will learn when to use Hiragana and Katakana exactly.

for example, look at the 2nd one it says that ” i lost my camera in the taxi” how do you know when to use Katakana words? you might be thinking you can make any sentence simply by using Hiragana to make it easy right? but that’s not the correct way to do according to Japanese Language. So, katakana is mostly used when there is English word mentioned like here, “taxi” is the English word so in the worksheet you will look for the appropriate word for the word “taxi” to help you, you can first try you best which one matches by reading out loud the words in the option and choose, then check the Katakana table if you answers are correct. You will get confused at the beginning but don’t worry, this is a practice sheet for you to learn Katakana easily.

for the worksheet, i would like to thanks who ever made this worksheet as this was very helpful for me. This is not mine, i just got that from my sensei where she found it from the internet. 



Download Japanese learning Games on your phone.

many people may think that those games are very childish and it is very boring to play but believe me as me being a young adult, I used to play them while travelling in car, waiting at the place, and even when i just don’t feel like getting up from my bed and actually study, i will make good use of these Apps. So here are the Apps i used to learn, Katakana, Hiragana and Khanji for beginners.

I used MindSnacks Japanese to learn the basics while I’m bored and free like using your phone in the toilet as some people do, instead of googling or watching random stuff, use the app and play the game and that way Japanese letters will definitely stay in your mind. The good part of the app is that you can play it even if are not connected to WI-FI! Try it and let me know in the comments!

To learn Japanese Communication I use this App:

called ‘Japanese for Communication’

It has different topics ranging from ‘Places, Time, Greetings, General Conversation, Transportation, Eating Out, Tongue Twisters, and lots more!

You can learn anything you would like by tapping the topic where you would find different common Japanese words, pharases, sentences to learn displayed both in Romaji and Japanese Language. This is ideal for foreigners to learn.

I like to use more of the Tongue Twisters in the App as it’s very funny and interesting to say out loud and challenge others as well. Then later find out the meaning of them as i will get very curious why they all are spelled the same way but has different meaning. It really helps me understand overall common Japanese words more and more! you would definitely want to try this app too, due it’s user friendly and fun functions, you can easily learn Japanese anywhere and anytime of the day without the requirement of WI-FI! you see the good part of this.

So do try it and let me know how you made use of the apps in the comments!

i have lots to share with you guys, but before this blog gets too detailed and long, I will upload part 2 of the fun way I learn Japanese later on, so stay connected! ^_^

any question?

comment below ^_^ and have a nice day people!



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